Welcome to Yardi Prabhu Consultants & Valuers Pvt. Ltd.

Yardi Prabhu Consultants & Valuers Pvt. Ltd. is a professional consultancy Company rendering financial, legal, technical and project management consultancy of highest standards.


  • Registered Valuers Entity (RVE) on all 3 class of assets (Land and Building, Plant and Machinery, Securities or Financial Assets) as per Companies (Registered Valuers and Valuations) Rules, 2017 (Regn. No. IBBI/RV-E/04/2020/113)
  • Corporate Valuers
  • We operate on PAN India basis.
  • Directors – Registered valuers on different class of assets

Board of Directors consists of expert and experienced professionals including Chartered Engineers, Civil Engineers, Architects, Lawyers, Chartered Accountants, Ex-Bankers and Finance Consultants.

The Company has a well knit group of professionals in various faculties like Valuation of Fixed/ Current Assets and Intangibles, Enterprise Valuation, Financial, Legal and Strategic Due Diligence, TEV Study, LIE Project Consultancy, Management Consultancy, Investment Consultancy and Consultancy for Mergers, Acquisitions, Spin Off and Take Over of Portfolios.

The Company has published three books of professional interest namely “Bankers Guide to Registration of Charges with Registrar of Companies”, “Bankers Guide to Non-Performing Advances” and Guide to Bank Statutory Audit (with special reference to Branch Audit). All the three publications have received overwhelming response from the Banking industry and other Professionals.

Directors of the Company are -

  • Associate and Fellow Members of Institute of Valuers
  • Associate Members of Institute of Engineers
  • Members of Institute of Chartered Engineers (India)
  • Approved Valuers of Statutory Bodies
  • RV on all 3 Class of assets
  • Govt. Regd. Valuers (U/s 34 AB of I Tax Act)
  • Member of The India Institute of Architects and PEATA