S. No. Name Age Qualification Area of Valuation Experience
CIVIL eingineers
1.        Abhiraj A. Bhagat 35 D.C.E. Immovable properties 15
2.        Abhijit J. Khedekar 35 D.C.E. Immovable properties 10
3.        Arvind Kumar Mishra 52 D.C.E., Inter (PCM Group), IRDA Licensed Surveyors Immovable properties 13
4.        Adarshkumar S. Gupta 36 D.C.E., Diploma in Interior Designing & Decoration Immovable properties 15
5.        Ajay R. Kushwaha 27 D.C.E. Immovable properties 3
6.        Aditya S. Kulkarni 27 B.E. (Civil) Immovable properties 1.5
7.        Ajay P. Nadar 21 B.E. (Civil) Immovable properties Fresher
8.        Alexandra C. Philip 25 B.E. (Civil) Immovable properties 3
9.        Bhavanji K. Haria 64 B.E. (Civil) Immovable properties 33
10.   Chetan S. Jadhav 37 D.C.E. Immovable properties 8
11.   Chandru W. Kundnani 70 B.E. (Civil) Immovable properties. 46
12.   Dayalji M. Rathod 60 D.C.E. Immovable properties 36
13.   Dhruvesh B. Surti 26 DIPL – Engineering in Construction Technology (MSBTE) Immovable properties 1.6
14.   Ishwar P. Mistry 69 B. E. (Civil) Immovable properties 46
15.   Jeevan B. Yerunkar 43 D.C.E. Immovable properties 16
16.   Jaya S. Sharma 21 D.C.E. Immovable properties 3
17.   Mangesh Khaire 43 D.C.E. Immovable properties 21
18.   Mahesh S. Kelkar 50 B. E. (Civil) Immovable properties 27
19.   Milind Gurav 42 D.C.E. Immovable Properties 22
20.   Milind Athavale 49 D. C. E. Immovable properties 30
21.   Mandar Dhotre 42 B.E. (Civil) Immovable properties 17
22.   Madhura Sawant 22 B.E. (Civil) Immovable properties 5
23.   Monali G. Patil 24 B.E. (Civil) Immovable properties 2
24.   Nagesh G. Ghadshi 36 Dip. Civil Draughtsman
Dip. Architectural Draughtsma
Immovable properties 12
25.   Narendra M. Malvia 22 B.E. (Civil) Immovable properties Fresher
26.   Nitin B. Mishra 21 D.C.E. Immovable properties 2
27.   Nishant R. Mahangade 23 B.E. (Civil) Immovable properties 4
28.   Prashant C. Parab 42 Dip. in (Production Engg.) Immovable properties 18
29.   Ranjeet D. Pal 27 B.E.(Mech.) Plant & Machinery 6
30.   Rajesh D. Kambli 49 D.C.E. Immovable properties 28
31.   Raviraj U. Rane 30 D.C.E. Immovable properties 7
32.   Rakesh N. Chheda 42 B. E. Const Immovable properties 22
33.   Sagar V. Shete 36 B.Sc., M.Sc., ITI & NCTVT Immovable properties 15
34.   Vaibhav Bhagat 39 B.E. (Civil) Immovable properties 12
Mechanical eingineers
35.   Avinash G. Pandey 30 B. E. (Mech) Movable properties 8
36.   Indrasen S. Singh 28 B. Tech (Mechancial) Movable properties 5
37.   Manoj Kumar Maurya 34 D.M.E. Movable properties 12
38.   Prakash S. Sarpotdar 65 B.E. (Mech.) Plant & Machinery 43
39.   Sahil R. Sanghani 28 B. E. (Mech) Plant & Machinery and TEV Study 7
40.   Srinivas Rao 51 B. E. (Mech) Plant & Machinery 23
41.   T. K. Sengupta 73 B. Text, M.B.A. Plant & Machinery 38
42.   Uday Patil 42 B. E. (Mech.) Plant & Machinery 15
43.   Pramod Vasagadekar 41 B. E. Civil Immovable properties 18
44.   Rajesh G. Darekar 43 D.C.E. Immovable properties 19
45.   Shanmugha Nathan S 34 B. Tech (Civil) Immovable properties 13
46.   Anand R Mutalik Desai 50 D.C.E., Dip in Vastu Vidya Immovable properties 18
47.   D Chandra Sekhar 43 D.C.E. Immovable properties 19
48.   Narasimha Murthy R 56 B.E. (Civil) Immovable properties 28
49.   Sachith Pai 32 M.Tech. (G.T.E.) Immovable properties 11
50.   Yatendra Paliwal 40 B.E. (Civil), Corporate Member of Institution of Engineers and
Structural Engineer.
Immovable properties 16
51.   Atul Sharma 52 B.E. (Civil) Immovable properties 27
52.   Amit Kumar 25 D.C.E. Immovable properties 6
53.   Naresh Kr Saini 54 D.C.E., Chartered Valuer Immovable properties 29
54.   Ranbir Singh Narwal 47 B. Tech (Civil) Immovable properties 21
55.   Amrendra Kumar 49 B.E. (Civil), MBA Immovable properties 27
56.   P K Verma 65 D.C.E., Approved Valuer Immovable properties 40
S. No. Name Qualification Area of Consultancy Experience

1 Sanjay Dayal B.E. (Mech)
  • Consultation in Insurance Survey and Risk Mitigation, Asset Valuation, Business Optimization & Insolvency
  • Al Rama International LLC, Dubai
  • Credence Logistics Ltd, Mumbai
  • Allcargo Logistics / G R Infrastructure
  • Reliance Logistics Ltd. Mumbai
  • TVS Logistics Ltd
  • Gujrat Apollo & peedcrafts Ltd
  • Associated Road Carriers Ltd
  • Tata Motors Ltd. Erstwhile TELCO
22 Years
2 Prabodh B. Marathe B.E. (Civil), M.I.E., M.A.C.I., F.I.V, CAT IValuer
  • Valuation of Immovable Properties. 
  • Handled various types of work like construction of multistoried building, civil & structural work, maintenance of plant and project consultants (PMC).
  • Property valuation in respect of residential, Commercial and industrial premises all over India.
22 Years
3 S.V. Gupte Licensed (IRDA) Surveyor, Loss Assessors, Valuers for Marine, Fire, Naval Architect SLA-14209
  • Valuation of ships, vessels, barges, Decks
  • Marine Engineering
  • Fire Engineering
41 Years
4 Sujan Mal Kain B.E. (Mechanical Engineer)
  • Petroleum Refining
  • Chemical petrochemical and Power Plants
  • Health, Safety & Environment (HSE), Conducting HAZOP and SIl study as Chairman
  • Design, Engineering, Project Execution and Maintenance
  • Process Safety Management for petroleum refinery units
  • HAZOP, HAZID and SIL studies
  • BPCL –Petrol Refinery in Mumbai in various functions as Departmetn Head and incharge of Design, Engineering, Maintenance contracts and project execution
  • NOCL—worked as Engineering and Project Manager.
41 Years
5 Vijay Shivram Haldipur B.Sc. Tech (Oils, Fat, Waxes), B.Sc. Chemistry
  • Technical consultant / Director Technical in various cosmetics and other personal care products.
  • Tata Oil Mills Ltd., Lakme Ltd. Balsara Hygiene Products Ltd., J.L. Morison (I) Ltd., Dr. Reddy’s Lab. Ltd., Emami Ltd., Bond Street Perfumes & Cosmatics Pvt, Ltd., Benckiser (I) Pvt. Ltd.
40 Years
6 Mr. S. Madanmohan Rao B. E. (Civil),

Chartered Engineer (India),

Structural Engineer approved by BMC and TMC.
  • Worked as Repairs / Retrofitting / Rehabilitation/Structural Steel / Concrete design (STAAD-Pro) and specialized in Building Industrial Structures, Marine Structures, Oil / Gas Water Structure.
37 Years
7 Capt. Nilesh D. Kalyanpur Certificate of Competancy Class (Deck) issued by Govt. of UK in 2003. Surveyor and Master Mariner
  • Valuation of Ships, Vessels and Marine Equipments
  • Valuation of Ships, Vessels and Marine Equipments Surveyor (Ships in Service Department, Head Office,) Indian Register of Shipping (IRS), Mumbai from 2006 to 2009.
17 Years
8 Shashank Ahire B. Arch, A.I.I.A, A.I.V.
  • Architect –Handled various valuation assignments.
  • CAT-I U/S. 34AB Wealth Tax Act.
14 Years
9 P.S. Deore B.Sc. Agril.D.B.M.
  • Agricultural Land
  • CAT-II U/S. 34AB Wealth Tax Act.
12 Years
10 Sagar P. Karmarkar B.Sc. Agril.
  • Agricultural Land
  • CAT-II U/S. 34AB Wealth Tax Act.
11 Years
11 Sameer Sawant B. E. (Construction)
Structural Engineer approved by BMC (STR/S/210)
  • Practicing as Structural Engineer since April 04 offering services to DRDO, Govt. of India etc. Also undertakes Structural Audits for various buildings for repairs and rehabilitation.
13 Years

Meghraj Sohanlal Jain

  • Valuation of Jewellery (U/S 34AD of Wealth Tax Act, 1957). CAT VIII/359.
3 Years
13 Darshan Kumar Thukral D.C.E., M.I.E.(India)
  • Consulting Structural Engineer
21 Years
14 Capt Paritosh Kumar Licensed (IRDA) Surveyor, Loss Assessors, Valuers for Marine, Chartered Valuer, Fellow Life Member (Ships & Boats of all types), Institute of Intenrational Container Lessors, Certificate of Competency as Master of a Foreign – Going Ship
  • Valuation of ships, vessels, barges, Decks
  • Marine/ Cargo Surveyors
11 Years
S. No. Names Of the Directors/ Engineers Educational Qualification Professional Experience
1 Ashish H. Pandit B.E. (Civil), C. Eng., A.I.E., M.I.C.I., F.I.V., CAT I Valuer
  • Worked as an Engineer with the Hindustan Construction Company Ltd., Global Telesystems Ltd., Tec Consulting Engineers Ltd., Since 1991.
  • Visiting various residential, commercial and industrial premises all over India for inspection, making measure drawings and preparing valuation reports.
2 Bhalchandra D. Kulkarni B.E. (Civil), F.I.V., C.Eng.(I.), CAT I Valuer
  • Worked in M.S.E.B. for 35 years from Junior Engineer to Deputy Chief Engineer.
  • Handled various project work of staff quarters, control Room, Substation structures works etc.
  • Property valuation in respect of residential, commercial and industrial premises.
3 Vijay B. Kulkarni B.E. (Elect)., F.I.V., MIE, C. Eng.(I.), CAT VII Valuer
  • Mazagaon dock Ltd. for the period of 2 years as Engineer trainee.
  • Bajaj Electricals Ltd. for the period of 3 years as site engineer as Maharajpur Airport at Gwalior & Satpura Thermal Power Station Sarni MP.
  • Airports Authority of India as Asst. Engineer Electrical for the period of 10 years at Mumbai as well as Delhi Airport looking after E & M installations.
  • Valuation of Plant & Machinery, Electrical equipments, etc.
4 Satishkumar Mandirwala B.E. (Mech.), C.Eng.(I),
E.D.P. in Materials Management, Diploma in Operations Management, Surveyor and Loss Assessor, F.I.V., CAT VII Valuer
  • M/s. Eskay Elevators India Pvt. Ltd. for the period of 2 years as Vice President Operation
  • M/s. Eros Elevators Pvt. Ltd. for the period of 3 years as General Manager SCM and Engineering Services & Mktg. Support
  • M/s. Otis Elevator Company (I) Ltd., Mumbai for the period of 21 years as Manager Purchase & Sourcing / Logistic; Manager Purchase Planning Sr. Manager Mech. Design & Development and out sourcing.
  • M/s. Sigma Paints Ltd., Mumbai for the period of 2 years as Manager Engineering Services & Materials
  • M/s. Padmatex Engg. Ltd., Mumbai, Baroda & Halol. for the period of 2 years as Manager Purchasing and sourcing
  • M/s. Vickers Sperry of India Ltd., Mumbai & Pune for the period of 11 years Sr. Executive Mfg. and Sourcing Logistic
  • M/s. Crompton Greaves Ltd., Mumbai for the period of 4 years as Production / Indl. Engineer. Marketing Engineer
  • Valuation of Plant & Machinery, Electrical equipments, etc.
S. No. Name of the Consultant Qualification Experience Area Of Consultancy
1 Adv. G. S. Bhat B.Sc., L.L.M. 35 Advocate—High Court.
2 Adv. Balwant M. Patil B.A. L.L.B. 35 Advocate & Notary
3 Adv. K. L. Seetarama B.A. L.L.B. 40 Sales Tax & VAT Matters
4 Adv. Ram B. Upadhyay B.Com, F.C.A, LLB 35 Advocate & Corporate Legal Finance & Tax Advisors
5 Adv. R. G. Shetty B.A. L.L.B. 20 Legal Matters
6 Adv. Srinivas Padiyar B.Sc., LL.M.,
CPA (Com)
40 Bank Legal Matters
S. No. Name of the Consultants Qualification Experience Area of Consultancy
1 Mr. Mohan Salian M.Sc, L.L.B,

Ex Union Bank of India, Mumbai – Officer in General Banking Forex, & Internal audit.

Has handled concurrent audit of various Banks in Mumbai including Integrated Treasury Operations since last 8 years.

2 Mr. Kamal Sadarangani B.A.,B.Com. 36

Ex Barclays Bank, Dubai – Officer in Forex, Back up & Customer services with more than 17 years of experience in Retail / Wholesale Banking.

Has handled concurrent audit of various Banks in Mumbai including Integrated Treasury Operations since last 18 years

3 Mr. Vijay Saigal B.Com, C.A.I.I.B 45 Ex-Standard Chartered Bank, Mumbai Forex dealer for 5 years (1979 to 1984) with more than 30 years of experience in Integrated Treasury Operations.
S. No. Name of the Persons Qualification Membership No. Professional Experience
1 Tajendar Singh Sodhi B.Com, F.C.A. 033426 30
3 Rahul Ringe B.Com., F.C.A. 116172 08
4 Ramakrishnan Mani B.Com. (Hons.), F.C.A, CWA 032271 25
5 Vindu Chaurasiya B.Com, A.C.A. 149726 3
6 Aseem Mankodi Qualified Valuer (ICAI), MBL (NLSIU), - 15
7 Devarajan Krishnan Qualified Valuer (ICAI) - 15

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